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A new Windsor Town Council is on the horizon, following an excellent petition by Windsor residents, and support from RBWM for a "Community Governance Review".

We the undersigned request that RBWM trigger a similar review into the creation of an equivalent Maidenhead Town Council.

Town Councils allow more new voices to get involved and help shape their own community's future. They can provide efficient locally targeted services with ring-fenced local budgets.

Across the UK, residents have worked to establish 270 new town and parish councils in the last 15 years. You can read more here: https://www.nalc.gov.uk/our-work/create-a-council



What could a Town Council do?

Delivery of services including:

• allotments
• leisure facilities
• bus shelters
• litter bins
• car parks
• local illuminations
• community centres
• parks and open spaces
• public toilets
• street lighting
• festivals and celebrations

Improve quality of life through:

• Local housing and infrastructure through neighbourhood plans
• Promoting disability and dementia friendly communities
• Tackling loneliness
• Acting as community hubs
• Funding community projects

Give communities a voice through representing:

• To the local police and health services
• On planning matters with principal authorities and developers
• To parliamentarians and government

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